Complaints Policy

We're so sorry to hear that you're not happy with the service that we've provided. On this page you'll find everything you need to know about our complaints policy and how we'll work to resolve your issue(s).

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Last updated - 18/10/2022

What counts as a complaint?

A complaint is any form of contact from a customer, a person authorised by a customer to communicate on their behalf, or a potential customer who is not satisfied with our service.

How to make a complaint

If you have a complaint about any part of our service, we want to hear from you so that we can put things right:

Online: Click here to visit complaints

Call us: 0203 953 6001

Email us:

Write to us

Appliance Sure Ltd
2nd Floor Melrose House
42 Dingwall Road

Resolving your complaint

Should Appliance Sure receive a complaint, we will log it within our Complaints System. You will receive confirmation via email (if no email address has been provided we will phone you) that your complaint has been logged.

One of our Customer Service advisors will correlate any information required to investigate your complaint. Upon completion of the investigation we will provide a written response to your complaint within 4 working weeks from receiving the complaint. We may need to telephone you during this period to aid with our investigation.

The written response will include:

  1. The name, job title and contact details of the person who is handling your complaint
  2. Details of our investigation and conclusion
  3. If required, the mapping of timescales should any further investigation be required - this will be no more than an additional 4 working weeks, unless otherwise stated
  4. If applicable, a final response which, where applicable, will detail any refund(s) and/or compensation that Appliance Sure will provide to you

Appliance Sure will require you to provide acknowledgement and acceptance of the final response where upon we will consider the matter closed in full and final settlement. At this point, if applicable, any refund(s) and/or compensation will be paid by Appliance Sure to you.

If you have received our written response and have not responded to Appliance Sure within 4 weeks of receipt, we will consider the complaint closed with full and final settlement having been achieved.

Refund(s) and/or compensation

Should any refund(s) and/or compensation be due as a result of a complaint, they will be made payable to the policy title holder only and can not be appointed as payable to another party. These monies will be paid via BACs transfer only.

If during the course of the complaints procedure and/or prior to the complaints procedure starting you or another party associated with you leave a negative review of Appliance Sure on a public facing forum, any refund/s and or compensation will be reduced by the sum of £200.00. Appliance Sure understand that by making a complaint, we have your tacit agreement to this point. Appliance Sure will consider any negative review in a public forum as damages to Appliance Sure’s reputation and public persona. Should any negative review be left after completion of the Complaints Procedure whereupon refund(s) and/or compensation may have been paid to you, we reserve the right to commence actions to reclaim, up to the sum of £200.00 from any monies you have received.

Your obligations when making a complaint

By making a complaint, you agree to:

  1. Provide Appliance Sure with any information that we have requested to aid our investigation
  2. Answer the appointed phone number should Appliance Sure be required to talk to you in order to complete our investigation. If we have left a voicemail you must return our phone call within 7 working days

When we will not acknowledge a complaint

Appliance Sure will not acknowledge that a complaint has been made, when the complaint has been recorded by a party other than:

  • The policy title holder
  • A person appointed by the policy title holder as authorised to communicate on their behalf
  • A potential customer who Appliance Sure has contacted directly

Any scenario other than the ones listed above will result in the complaint being immediately closed.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Bureau offers an impartial advice service that is free to use. If you are dissatisfied with any outcomes from your complaint and or would like to seek free advice on services Appliance Sure has provided to you before and or after making a complaint, you can refer the matter to the Citizens Advice Bureau. The contact details for Citizens Advice Bureau are:

Citizens Advice Bureau
3rd Floor North
200 Aldersgate
Registered charity number: 279057

Terms & conditions

Nothing aforementioned within this Complaints Policy will supersede and or contradict Appliance Sure’s:

  • Policy terms & conditions
  • Privacy policy
  • Website terms of use